Hair Clips: How To Choose The Hair Accessory That Is Perfect For You.

Save for diamonds; hair clips are a girl’s best friend. I am a huge fan of hair clips as they not only style my hair; they make me look beautiful. For those people who love hair clips, you already know they come in different styles. For beginners, though, I will take you through the various styles so that you do not get confused. It’s best to choose carefully so that you get something that flatters you. Read on.

Alligator Clips


Alligator clips are the most comfortable hairclips you will come across. This kind of hair clip is popular among little girls because of its comfortable nature. They are known as alligator clips because they have teeth that provide a firm grip. However, for anyone with fine hair, alligator clips will easily come off.

Banana Ponytail Clips

If you love tying your hair, but don’t like to have it very tight, then you can try a banana ponytail. It holds long hair in a ponytail like style that’s not extremely tight.


Snap Clips

Snap hair clips grip the hair when you snap it. They are about ¾ inches to 4 inches long in size. If have fine hair, a snap clip will work perfectly for you. Snap clips are usually plain and straightforward, but you will find some with decorations. Others are even decorated with synthetic crystals and gems for an expensive look.

French Barrettes


If you want a sturdy hair clip, I’d suggest French barrettes. This hair clip will hold all your hair, but the size you purchase will also determine the size of hair to hold. If you love updo hairstyles, French barrettes are ideal because they can tightly hold hair.

Condor Clip

The Condor clip is similar to the alligator clip. It has tiny teeth on the pointed ends of the hair clip to maintain the hair in place. Condor clips are quite long, about 5-6″. It remains open with pressure and closely shut by letting out the bigger end of the clip when the hair is styled. Condors are excellent for styling buns and updos. They are more formal and look great on dressier occasions.

They are ideal for thick or fine hair depending on the size and embellishments of the clip. They work best for adults as they require some bit of styling to make them look great.

Hair Claw Clips

Hair claw clips are desirable. They are embellished with synthetic crystals and stones, which makes them more attractive to the eye. If you are the girlish type, you will naturally find them irresistible. Nonetheless, you may have to bear in mind that hair claw clips are heavier than any other kind of hair clips. If updo hair is one of your favorite styles, consider hair claw clips. Hair claw clips can help you create different looks.

Bobby Pins


Bobby pins are very comfortable to wear. When styling, they are ideal for holding the hair in place. They are perfect for updo hairstyles especially when you want that clean updo hair look.

There are so many hair clips to choose from; we couldn’t possibly list them all here. The most important thing is to pick one that best suits your personality, level of comfort as well as budget.