mix and match jewelry

The Do’s and Don’ts of Jewelry

Jewelry is one of those things that never seem to go out of fashion. Your jewelry can be used to lighten up a boring outfit or to add a twist to your everyday look and to transform it into a dazzling look. However, you must be careful as it can be quite easy to mess a good look.

mix and match jewelry
Sometimes, I see some women go overboard with their jewelry and they mess up with their look. So in this article, we are going to highlight jewelry do’s and don’ts because when done correctly, the results can be spectacular. But when done wrong, you can guess the results. So let’s begin.

Mix and Match Your Pieces.

Silver should only be worn with only silver pieces. And the same goes for gold pieces. Incorrect statements. Silver and gold can be worn together for a really dazzling look but be careful of the pieces you decide to wear. Always pair your bold silver necklace with only silver earrings and apply the same logic when it comes to gold. However, you can pair a bold silver chain with a gold silver necklace. Mixing and matching your pieces is a cool way of creating an elegant and unique look.

Do pick jewelry Pieces You Love

Wearing jewelry is all about making a statement. What you want that statement to be is all up to you. When I’m shopping for my jewelry, I always buy pieces that I can see myself not only wearing, but also loving. My jewelry always tells something about me. Buy something that makes you feel great about yourself.

Avoid being too plain

As much as it’s quite simple to overdo jewelry, it’s also simple to under do it. Jewelry requires accentuating pieces to make you stand out. These pieces can simply be a hairstyle or even makeup. Check in the mirror first to be sure your statement pieces do not need anything more. I always like dressing up first and then doing my makeup. Then I look in my mirror and start trying different jewelry until I settle on that look I’m happy with.

Experiment with different colors

two finger ring with different colors
A statement jewelry piece in bold, eye catching colors is an excellent way to dress up a boring outfit or to add a new twist to an old piece of cloth. Even a jeans and t-shirt outfit can look amazing with a good splash of color. Do not be scared to mix and match the colors of your jewelry pieces. One of my favorite combinations is black and yellow. I put on a black dress or top and then put on yellow jewelry. This makes the yellow pop out without really looking so dominant.

Don’t Be Afraid to Dress to Your Jewelry

Sometimes, I find I can’t just pick an outfit in my closet. Here is where my jewelry comes in. I like to pick a particular set of jewelry then with that, I can get an idea of what to look for in my closet. So if you have an event and you can’t figure out what to wear, why not try my method? I promise you will not be disappointed with the results.
So that’s me…tell me what’s your favorite jewelry piece and how do you flaunt it?