cleaning jewelry

Tips For Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Basic care

cleaning jewelry
Your jewelry should be treated with the most love and care. It should be treasured and bring you confidence whenever you put it on. However, there are some important things to bear in mind so that your jewelry serves you longer. Here are some basic jewelry care tips:
• Avoid getting into your shower or touching sea water with your jewelry on.
• Avoid applying lotion, hairspray or perfume when you have your jewelry on.
• Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off when you get home.
• If your jewelry looks delicate, despite the price you bought it, be gentle.
• Always store your jewelry in a special pouch or box that’s soft.
• Your jewelry can be damaged by dish-washing soap so avoid washing your dishes with jewelry on.

How to care for gold jewelry

Clean your gold jewelry lightly using a soft piece of cloth. If you want to give it a thorough cleaning, soak it in a glass of warm water with a drop of non-detergent soap to loosen up build up and remove excess oils. Give it a few minutes, remove and dry with a soft cloth. To clean it further, use an old soft toothbrush to gently remove dirt particles.

How to care for sterling silver jewelry

Clean your sterling silver jewelry using the above instructions for cleaning gold. If your silver jewelry has a high polish surface, use a special silver cleaning cloth to bring back its shine. If it has a matte finish, make a paste of baking soda and water and rub carefully to restore the surface.

How to care for your pearls

Pearl-Jewelry-care tips
Pearls are exceptionally beautiful organic gems that need lots of special care and treatment so that they keep their natural beauty. Here is how to care for your pearls:
• Always put on your pearls as the last thing before you get out of the house and take them off immediately you get home
• Gently wipe them off with a clean soft cloth or chamois.
• Do not clean them with any commercial jewelry cleanser
• Do not steam clean your pearls
• You can wash your pearls in plain water and a soft cloth. Place them on a clean towel to dry.
• Avoid wearing them when the strand is wet as the silk or string can easily stretch. Similarly, do not hang them to dry.

How to care for your wedding / engagement ring

Since this is a ring you will likely be wearing every day, you will need to clean it every 1-2 weeks. Doing this at home is easy, simple and inexpensive. Start by placing your ring in a solution of warm water with some drops of non-detergent soap. Allow your ring to soak for about 5-10 minutes to loosen up the dirt build up. Use an old baby toothbrush to gently brush the area around the stone settings. Ensure you clean under the stone setting too. When it’s clean, rinse in warm water and pat dry with a soft piece of cloth. We recommend that you have your ring professionally cleaned every 6 months.