The Four Cs Of Diamonds That Every Truck Driver Needs To Keep In Mind When Buying One

diamondDiamond is loved by everyone, both men and women. Maybe this is because some of the most attractive, classy, and valued jewelries are made of diamond. However, buying the right one can be challenging for most people as there are numerous fake diamond sellers who are out there waiting to scam innocent buyers. For this reason, this article seeks to help you understand some of the key things that you should be keen on when selecting diamond jewelry. This article was inspired by one of my trucker friends who recently got engaged. He had a good analygytook time to think and consider various factors before deciding on the best trucking companies to join, whether prime trucking, CRST trucking, or any other trucking company, you need to do deep research and read reviews. It’s the same when it comes to diamond cut those are the aspects that counts and needs to be put into consideration.


  1. Cut

The cut is crucial but most people tend to ignore it. By “cut”, i mean the stone’s grade; whether excellent, very good, good, or fair. Cut can also be considered depending on how much light passes through the facets. One thing that you need to keep in mind the cut is probably the most complex of the four Cs, partly since the craftsmanship of each jewelry is different. The beauty and the value which refers to how much the jewelry costs, brightness which refers to how white light shines internally and externally, fire which refers to how light spreads into the rainbow, and finally scintillation which refers to how much sparkle is produced.

Shapes of the cut may include marquise, cushion, round, asscher, oval, pear, radiant, and even heart. The oval cut is the most popular cut since it is basic and universal to be placed in necklaces and earrings

  1. Clarity

Clarity is the absence of inclusions and blemishes. The best pieces are those that are as pure as possible after the carbon process. Clarity is on a scale of flawless, which means that it should not have blemishes when looked under 10 x magnifications, which affects brilliance and transparence.

  1. Color

Color stands for the lack of color in the stone, which is represented by letters D to Z. D to F are colorless jewels, and any trace of color can only be traced by a gemologist or someone who is trained with jewels. These jewels are usually set in platinum or white gold, since yellow gold can show color within it. G to J are almost colorless, K to M are faintly colored, N and R are faintly colored, usually with brown or yellow tint, S to Z are lightly colored, though they have too much color to be considered white diamonds.

  1. Carat weight

This refers to how much the stone weighs. A carat is usually categorized into 100 points, but a carat is 200miligrams or 1/5 of a gram. The larger the stone is, the more costly it becomes, even though the price is also determined by the color, cut, and clarity.

Where you purchase your diamond cuts is as important as what quality you get. It’s always god to ask question on whatever you do not understand. Also, it does not hurt to shop around before settling on a given shop. Whichever cut you decide to buy, buy it because it speaks for you.