How to Choose the Best Bracelet Clasps

Copy of bracelet claspWhen it comes to jewelry such as bracelets, the clasps is everything, and so it is important to choose the right one when designing your own jewelry, and when purchasing one, choose the one with good clasps.You may be looking for a perfect bracelet when preparing for a great event but whatever the choice of a bracelet is, it is important to consider its type of a clasp. The last thing you would want is to have a bracelet with a clasp that makes it look odd or old fashioned.

Bracelets clasps are functional components since they are integral elements in every design. They make it possible for the two ends to come together and fit nicely around your wrist but it is also to consider the ease of use. Have you ever bought a bracelet simply because it looks beautiful only to find it challenging fastening it around your wrist as a result of its tiny spring clasps to an extent of you giving up wearing it all together? I remember this day when my friend bought a bracelet for his girlfriend. The bracelet was so cute that even I myself admired it. He wanted to present it in the best way possible and so he spent time thinking of the perfect style for his long hair. The funniest thing, he decided to appear unique and so he decided to have a good haircut which made him look handsome. The worst part was when he went to offer the bracelet to the girl, only to realize that the clasps were hard to fasten. He was so disappointed that he went back to the stall to look for another one.

Clasps used in the bracelet

Clasps used in the bracelet or any other type of jewelry can tell a lot about the quality of the piece. Therefore, whether you intend to buy a ready-made bracelet or bracelet clasps to make your own jewelry, you need to make the right choice. Here are tips to help you choose the best bracelet clasps:

To begin with, you need to choose clasps based on the type of beads to use in your creation of your bracelet. You need to pay careful attention to the diameter of the beads and choose a clasp that resembles this aspect.  A firm bracelet clasp is ideal for large stone beads because it helps in holding the bracelet securely. To enhance the overall design of your bracelet, you need to choose a decorative clasp but if you do not need it to overpower your bracelet, then you can choose a subdued design.

Bracelet clasps are available in numerous materials including silver plate, nickel plated, copper plated, rhodium plated, gold, solid gold sterling silver, vermeil, stainless steel solid gemstone, and many more.

Bracelets that are made of gold, silver or precious stone may have contemporary vintage or classic style. But the designs that are usually available include spring ring, push clasp, fish hook, lobster, bar clasp, magnetic clasp, screw clasp, and many more.

When choosing bracelet clasps, you need to consider the balance between the color and the size of the clasps and beads. Also, you need to consider how secure the clasp is. Magnetic clasps are great for a bracelet, but since they cannot hold heavy objects, they should not be used on larger or heavier beads. Similarly, fish-hook clasp is quit secure but some people find it hard to fasten. Therefore, when choosing one, you need to consider its ease to wear, style, and also security.

The finish of the bracelet is also another thing that needs to be considered. A good clasp needs to be able to with stand hundreds of uses and should allow the jewelry to sit comfortably around the wrist and should also have a smooth surface.

There you have it. You should never complain of being unable to choose a perfect clasp for your bracelet. With the above information, you can have an outstanding bracelet that everyone will admire.