Guidelines on How to Choose Appropriate Bridal Jewelry

wedding jewelryMajority of brides choose to wear a bridal jewelry set as an accent to their wedding attire. Bridal jewelry set usually includes a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. Bridal jewelry is a key component to a bride’s wedding attire and so choosing the wrong one can make even the most beautiful wedding gown appear less attractive. For this reason, every bride needs to be careful when deciding on the best jewelry set. Wedding is a memorable occasion and a special event in a bride’s life and so everything needs to be perfect. Below are the guidelines that a bride can follow when choosing an appropriate jewelry:

Wedding theme

A bride needs to choose her jewelry based on wedding theme. For example, if your wedding decor is silver throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, then it would be good if you and bridesmaids are in silver jewelry. Just like there is jewelry that is fit for a bank teller, even in a wedding there are jewelries that will fit well in your wedding. Also, those working as receptionists can tell you that not all jewelries are fit for that job and so they too are always keen when choosing one. If jewelry choice is crucial in day to day activities, what about an event that comes once in a lifetime event?  Themes such as hearts, pearls, beach themes, silver, are just a few that you can choose from. If there is a common theme in a wedding ceremony, then it should be carried out in a bridal jewelry as well.


Affordability is one aspect that is usually overlooked by many. Every bride needs to set up a budget for her wedding attire and stick to the budget. She can shop at a store or an online dealer who sells jewelry within her intended budget. You do not have to go for a so expensive jewelry, only to ruin your wedding plans. You need to know that there are affordable stores that specialize in bridal jewelry designing. It may take you time to find affordable yet perfect bridal set, but with few searches in the internet you will find what you are looking for.


This is something that you should never compromise. Bridal jewelry should reflect the quality of your wedding gown. However, you need not confuse quality with cost. Some jewelry dealers may sell low quality jewelry at a higher price and so your choice should never be founded on rice. When choosing, select the one that is well made, durable, and attractive.


Style is an essential element that you need to include when choosing your jewelry. Keep in mind that bridal jewelry should not overpower or understate your wedding gown. Instead, it should accentuate your wedding gown.  If your bridal gown is adorned with Swarovski crystal beads then your wedding jewelry set needs to be made with Swarovski crystals. If your gown is garnished with silver accents and pearls then your jewelry needs to have pearls of sterling silver. Most importantly, your bridal jewelry should reflect your style.

Traditionally, bride’s mother was the one who assisted her in getting dressed on the wedding day. Fastening the clasp on a bride’s necklace is always a memorable occasion between the mother and the daughter and so she should select the best jewelry for her wedding. Choosing a bad jewelry can turn out to be detrimental not only on that day but even to your wedding video and album. After all, wedding albums or videos offers you everlasting memory and you would not want your jewelry choice to ruin everything.