Caring For Your Jewelry-Tips and Ideas

caring for jewelryMost of the time, if we can afford, we are able to own at least one piece of jewelry that we treasure so much. It is therefore important that we take care of your precious piece of jewelry: whether it is a diamond ring and silver chain or a pair of earrings. Even if you do not own diamond jewelry but have polymer clay, it still is important that you take great care of your jewelry so that you can pass it on to your children.
We are all fascinated by the beauty of our jewelries and we even see ourselves stunning wearing those eye-catching and precious stones on our body. Whether they are the valuable or semi-precious jewelries, it is common knowledge that well taken care of jewelry lasts for long while still maintaining its natural shine. Here are some jewelry care tips that will help you keep your jewelry looking all new.
Always put on your jewelry after dressing and take it off before undressing. There are some edgy areas of the jewelry that can get spoilt by clothes and they can even tear off your clothes.
Ensure you have a sterling silver polishing cloth with you to quickly wipe your jewelry before wearing it. This helps you in cleaning and shining your jewelry very fast. You can get this kind of lint free material in major jewelry stores and discount stores.
Avoid wearing your jewelry if you intend to go for a swim in a swimming pool. You may risk losing your jewelry in the pool especially in cloudy pool water where you cannot see the bottom of the pool clearly. Although you may decide to use an automatic pool cleaner to clean the swimming pool and vacuum out the water, this can be time and energy consuming so it’s best to avoid going swimming with your jewelry. Chlorinated water may also easily oxidize your jewelry and cause discoloring.
Silver and any other metals that can easily taint when exposed to air should be stored in an air-tight or zip-lock plastic bag. This is a low- cost method of storing jewelry which will keep them looking new for a very long time. Do not store pearl jewelry in sealed bags!
Although it is good to avoid water getting into contact with jewelry, most jewelry can be cleaned with a soft cloth and gentle soap added to water if necessary. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft material. Before cleaning the whole piece of jewelry, test a small area for color fastness.
If you decide to use a jewelry cleaning liquid, carefully read the instructions before you first use it. There are some types of gems and stones such as pearls, opal and turquoise that should never be put into any cleaning solution.
Do not sleep with your jewelry on. Remove all jewelry before getting into bed. Sleeping with your jewelry on can stress your joints and spoil them fast.
If you are unsure of how to take care of your jewelry, always consult the vendor who sold you the piece, for instructions on how to take proper care of it.