What does a jewelry designer do?

jewelry_designerIf you are creative and can create great designs with your hands, this would be the best job for you. A jewelry designer comes up with unique jewelry design ideas and then draws them on a computer or on paper. One needs to have keen eye for details and work accurately.

There are no particular entry requirements for one to be a jewelry designer. Your skills and experience are the most important requirements, although you must be willing to learn more about responsibilities for different retail jobs.

As a jewelry designer, you may decide to create designs that are for mass production, or create individual pieces that have been ordered by clients. You may also opt to specialize and produce only some specific types of jewelry. For instance, a designer may only produce necklaces or earrings only.

If you are a designer and you work for a commercial manufacturer, your work is to create designs that are then modeled by other workers. You should carry out a good market research and produce unique pieces that sell. Taking time to plan ideas is essential.

You can also choose to be self employed and work on your own designing and making your own jewelry. You can either work in a workshop, home or a studio that is shared with other designers. If you are self employed, you will also need to sell your jewelry directly from your workshop or at major craft fairs so as to make some money. A self employed jewelry maker should spend some time marketing their products to clients. You can also choose to sell your jewelry purely online and create a page or a blog to show your designs. If a customer orders a piece they have seen in the photos, the jewelry designer produces a similar piece and ships it to the client.

After creating a particular design, a lot of jewelry designers always produce a prototype. This will depend on the design of the piece and many skilled designers can produce a single piece of jewelry using different ways.

Some jewelry pieces may consist of precious or semi-precious gemstones. Depending on the skills and experience of a designer, they can cut, polish and produce jewelry pieces from these stones.