Finding the Right Assistant for your Jewelry Business

jewelryassistantIf you own a jewelry business and think that you have a lot of items that require more than one person to sell or you think that you don’t have the skills to sell your jewelry yourself or you don’t want to sell it yourself, then you might have to look for a well experienced jewelry assistant to sell it for you. If you have never hired one before, all you need to do is a little research before you begin the process of looking for an assistant.

The following are some points you should take into consideration:

Find someone who knows the products you sell well – marketing someone else’s jewelry successfully requires a particular touch. It calls for a strict schedule, passion for the products, genuine understanding and trust.

Search online – consider consulting with another jewelry business owner who is very good at promoting his/her own business. Look online for those who are advertising on social media platforms, and they do it in a manner that makes you want to buy. They may want to do work for you. With the status of the economy, people always look for extra cash. It does not hurt to inquire.

You just need to make sure that you find someone who knows the products you sell. Don’t go for someone who does painting to promote handmade jewelry, but the one who makes them because he/she also has an interest in them. He/she can differentiate the rocks from the beads – that can work.

Put the word out on Twitter and Facebook – in case you are finding someone who is going to advertise your jewelry via social media, look for him/her there. This is a sure way of eliminating doubts on whether they can do a good job in the social media platform.

Interview before you commit – ensure that you interview all the candidates that you shortlist. Peruse through their resumes as this will give you an idea of their accessibility, professionalism, time frame and how interested they are in your jewels. A good example of resume can be found here. You can even pay each one of them to advertise certain products for a week, then observe.

If they just do shortcut tweets and post them on Facebook without saying a thing about it, try someone else. You should be seeing some type of rise in sales after a week.

Before deciding on your choice, make sure you visit their sites and check at what they are currently promoting. Ask yourself if you can buy something they’ve listed. This way you will be sure you are hiring the right jewel assistant who is well fitted for your business.