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mix and match jewelry

The Do’s and Don’ts of Jewelry

Jewelry is one of those things that never seem to go out of fashion. Your jewelry can be used to lighten up a boring outfit or to add a twist to your everyday look and to transform it into a dazzling look. However, you must be careful as it can be quite easy to mess …

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cleaning jewelry

Tips For Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Basic care Your jewelry should be treated with the most love and care. It should be treasured and bring you confidence whenever you put it on. However, there are some important things to bear in mind so that your jewelry serves you longer. Here are some basic jewelry care tips: • Avoid getting into your …

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How to Choose the Best Bracelet Clasps

When it comes to jewelry such as bracelets, the clasps is everything, and so it is important to choose the right one when designing your own jewelry, and when purchasing one, choose the one with good clasps.You may be looking for a perfect bracelet when preparing for a great event but whatever the choice of …

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